Mobile Learning

Potent productivity. Mobile learning is the most immediate, most accessible, most consumed. Therefore it demands rigorous objectives, robust concepts  delivered with technical excellence. Learning distilled.

We offer a broad blended approach, integrated with other formats, or stand-alone offerings. For us, learning design always informs app design. We harness our technical knowhow to create and harness uniquely mobile possibilities.

Whether starting from a blank sheet of paper, or refining an existing product, we have rich experience working from concept phase right the way through to production code, as well as accessing the best distribution channels for the most demanding customers, not to mention installed population support , ongoing software and hardware maintenance.

Building on our belief that knowledge is information in context, we have developed specialist focus of a learners physical context, ensuring that the right learning content is served at the most appropriate time, in the appropriate place. Mobile learning unlocks new paradigms in learning efficiency. We understand the challenges and contrasts inherent in the workplace  with respect to learning, and how this impacts the development process.

We foster a strong innovation culture in our work. We don’t just believe in better, we create it. Our obsession with invention is infectious, and we ensure that the right motivations, opportunities, technical and organisational ingredients are in place to foster entrepreneurial outcomes.

  • Learning design support for user interfaces, layout and interactions. Focused learning objectives, audience engagement with responsive technology. Conceptual, procedural and performance analysis.

  • Native coding for modern devices. Rapid prototyping for evaluation and concept refinement. Direct device-level access to hardware for more reliable execution, enhanced functionality. Cross-platform support for latest devices.

  • Industrial scale distribution. Support for public and organisational level app stores, as well as private distribution channels. Ongoing app maintenance, to take advantage of latest technological advances.